Koop Cup 2018

Dear Friends, it is our honour and pleasure to invite you to the International Invitational Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition FIG Koop Cup 2018. FIG registration executively Online via http://rgform.eu/event.php?id_prop=596 NON FIG registration executively Online via http://rgform.eu/event.php?id_prop=502 At the same time, the Four Continents Technical Committee would like to invite you to the 2018 International Invitational Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) Competition. AGG registration executively Online via http://rgform.eu/event.php?id_prop=575 The competitions will be held at Markham Pan Am Centre, Toronto, Canada (16 Main St. Unionville, Ontario, L3R 2E4), APRIL 26-29, 2018. All information regarding the events is also available via our websites: www.koopcup.com and www.fourcontinents.org. We would very much appreciate it if you could be available to attend. Best Regards, EVELYN KOOP, President and Organizing Committee info@kalev.net
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